Things to do in Bintulu, Borneo

September 28 - October 2

Things to do in Bintulu

They say that Bintulu is the place where nature connects with the human life. The airport is placed at approximately 20 kilometers from the city, a road where you will get to take a peek at their trees, roads, and logging activities that support the industry within Bintulu. Once you have arrived in the city, make sure that you will not miss the best things to do in Bintulu, Borneo.

Discover the wonders hidden in Bintulu

You’re probably hungry after your flight to Borneo. The first thing you have to do is stop at the famous street food stalls of Pentai Temasya Tanjung Batu. Savor the local produce, taste Buntut Ayam (chicken tails), and Air Batu Campur (a bowl of mixed ice and syrup), then walk on the beach. Remember that the waters are dangerous for swimming, the strong currents can quickly take you away.

Now that your batteries are charged, head to Similajau National Park – Taman Negara Similajau, where you will enjoy nature and jungle trekking. It doesn’t have easy access – you’ll have to take a taxi – but it’s quiet, and you will never see crowds here. Visit the Turtle Beach 1 and 2, admire the squirrels, monkeys, lizards, and birds that you will meet on your way, and have fun exploring the ups and downs of the challenging trail. If you are an adventurous person, trek to the Golden Beach. Here, the green turtles lay their eggs, and where you can also spot leatherback and hawksbill turtles.

Go back to the city and visit Tua Pek Kong Temple. It will take you only 10 minutes to explore its colorful displays. Have some peace of mind, then go for lunch at the fruit and vegetable market Pasar Utama. The upper floor has dozens of Malay and Chinese food stalls, where you ought to try Nasi Dagang (a tasty dish with rice steamed in coconut milk, Solok Lada, fish curry, vegetable pickles, and fried shaved coconut). Relish Bakuteh (fatty pork ribs simmered in a broth of spices and herbs), and Hokkien mee (yellow noodles in Chinese style, with squid, dark soy sauce, cabbage, fish-cake, and cubes of crispy fried pork lard).

Things to try in Borneo

You shouldn’t miss the Council Negeri Monument, the best place for a selfie in Bintulu. Then, take a stroll on Tanjung Batu Beach. You could also come here early in the morning, for a refreshing jogging session, or admire the sun setting in the windy atmosphere. You don’t have to pack a snack because you will find plenty of food stalls serving barbecue, rojak, coconut drinks, and ais kacang, among many other Borneo tasty dishes.

Do these things in Bintulu, Borneo, and you will not get bored. Are you looking for a secret and quick getaway? Visit Pulau Batu Mandi, a less crowded beach perfect for those who love camping and the seaside. Whether you come to Borneo alone or with your family, you must explore the wonders of this little heaven on earth.
Plan your trip thoroughly, and be confident that you will appreciate your holiday in Bintulu!